Just Loafing Around

Pugs are unique in their ability to 'loaf'.  A tuck here, a fluff there, and they resemble nothing so much as a fluffy loaf of bread. This is Kiki, our rescue Pug, doing her loaf impression.  Kiki is celebrating her 1 year adoptiversary with us this month.  She came into Austin Pug Rescue Thanksgiving 2016,... Continue Reading →


Persephone is one of the ancient goddesses of the Underworld. She has mommy issues, or rather, her mom does.  I mean, come on - just because your daughter decides to leave home to live with her lover, you have to make a big scene. And when you are a goddess, what a scene you can... Continue Reading →

Coffee and More

Coffee shops have grown into so much more than just a place to get your caffeine on. The community of coffee revolves around social interactions. Friends catching up, interviewers and interviewees, busy business meetings, the daily regulars in their regular chairs with their regular caffeinated beverages, the not-so-alone loners on their computers, and the in-and-outers, getting their caffeine and going. Which one are you?

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