Just Loafing Around

Pugs are unique in their ability to ‘loaf’.  A tuck here, a fluff there, and they resemble nothing so much as a fluffy loaf of bread. This is Kiki, our rescue Pug, doing her loaf impression.  Kiki is celebrating her 1 year adoptiversary with us this month.  She came into Austin Pug Rescue Thanksgiving 2016, underweight, cold, with eyes so badly ulcerated and infected they had to be removed. After her vet stay, she went to live with a very kind foster mom who developed a real soft spot for her, and would have kept her, if she could.  Kiki needed a special adopter with lots of dog (and Pug) experience to help her recover from her trauma and new sightless world.  After lots of love, patience (and treats, lol) Kiki is now a well-rounded loaf-Pug and valued member of our pack.


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